When do you outsource business services?

Very often businesses tend to outsource their non-core activities so that more resources can be focused on their main business operations and innovations. This involves Bookkeeping, Preparation of monthly or yearly financial accounts, annual returns to CRO, tax fillings and engaging an external party to handle all payroll services related activities or any other services you can think about to outsource which can free up your resources, saves time and at the same time creating a value to the company.

If you are deciding to outsource your any of your services depends on several factors, whether the company is a local or foreign entity, the time and cost involved, etc.

Company Formation & Company services

Now let’s say you want to setup up a new company in Ireland then we are offering you our services to setup your new business here in Ireland. In short, we will take care of all the routine procedures leaving you with the time and resources to focus on innovating and expanding your business!

Services include are: (Discuss)

  • Incorporation & Formation of A New Company (Normally €200 + VAT)
  • Name Registration (Normally €200 + VAT)
  • company’s bank account
  • Tax Registration
  • VAT Registration (If applies)


Cost: €100

(+Registration Fee & VAT)

Payroll Services

We provide payroll services for sole traders, partnership or for limited companies who are registered for PAYE with Revenue. Payroll cycle can either be Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly based upon policies of company, as we have an expert team of payroll so we assure you the accuracy and Tax compliance.

What does this service include?

  • Our team will process your payroll depending on your payroll cycle, e.g., weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.
  • Submission of Payroll summary to Revenue each week or month
  • Process payments to Revenue
  • Issue of pay slips to employees.

Cost: Starting From €5 per month


Bookkeeping Services

We provide complete bookkeeping services for sole traders, partnership or for a limited company.

Services includes are:

Initial Recording of all type of business transaction e.g.,

  • Sales Invoices
  • Expense Invoices
  • Assets Register
  • Capital
  • Liabilities


Cost: Starting From €150 per month


Accountancy Services

We provide complete bookkeeping services for sole traders, partnership or for a limited company registered with CRO and Revenue.

Services includes are:

Preparation of Financial Statements such as.

  • Income Statement
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Statement of Changes in Equity
  • Statement of Cashflows
  • Notes to The Accounts

Cost: Starting From €300


Contractor & Umbrella Company services

We are providing professional services to contractors so either you want to set up your own personal limited company or want to work under a director/PAYE umbrella company. We are here to provide you the best solution. please contact us.

PAYE Umbrella Company

Cost: €80 per month


Director Umbrella Company

Cost: €110 per month


Personal Limited Company

Cost: €130 per month


Other Business Support Services

For More Services which is not in the above list please contact us and one of our team members would love to engage with you to find what best we can do!

Not sure which services you need?

Let us tailor your services. Simply answer just a few short questions and we’ll pick the best services for your business needs.

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